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Winston Churchill Foundation Scholarship

Winston Churchill Foundation Scholarship

The Winston Churchill Foundation Scholarship commenced in 1963 with 3 awards and has for the reason that grown to 14. It affords funding to American students for a year of grasp’s have a look at in technology, mathematics, and engineering at the college of Cambridge, primarily based at Churchill university. the distinguished scholarship was set up on the request of Sir Winston Churchill so as to fulfill his vision of us-uk medical trade with the goal of advancing technological know-how and era on both facets of the Atlantic, supporting to ensure our destiny prosperity and security.


An applicant for the Churchill Scholarship should be a citizen of america, either native born or naturalized, and must be a senior who’s enrolled in one of the institutions taking part within the scholarship software or a student who has graduated from one of those institutions in the beyond 365 days. Upon taking up the Churchill Scholarship, a Churchill student ought to keep a bachelor’s diploma or an equivalent, and might not have attained a doctorate.


  • Foundational


  • 50,000 USD


  • Not specified

Standards for choice

  1. verified expertise in studies and a capacity to make contributions to the advancement of expertise in the sciences, engineering, or mathematics by way of pursuing unique, innovative work at an advanced degree as tested by using awards, prizes, research, and letters of advice. applicants in the sciences and engineering will exhibit large laboratory enjoy, internships, or different related work, even as candidates in mathematics will show great independent work or different tasks.
  2. splendid private features. understanding the time commitment required through studies, the Churchill basis does not seek so-called “properly-rounded” candidates; rather, it seeks applicants with what we name thrilling “jagged edges.” nevertheless, it have to be cited that a success applicants show a bewildering array of abilities and sports out of doors of educational interests, specially in tune, athletics, social carrier, amongst different activities.
  3. awesome instructional success, especially within the major, as indicated via route grades. the inspiration does no longer require a minimum GPA, however recent Churchill scholars have had a GPA of as a minimum three.7 and normally have three.9 or above.

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